Veterans Home Care

Veterans Home Care

Who is eligible for Veterans Home Care?

The program is available to aged veterans of the Australian defence forces or a war widow/widower of a veteran of the Australian Defence forces.

How much assistance can I have?

The amount of assistance depends on an assessment of individual needs and resources available.

How do I obtain assistance?

Access to VHC services is not automatic. You must be assessed by your regional assessment agency to be eligible.

Your local Medical Officer can refer you for assessment or you can apply for an assessment by ringing your regional Veterans Home Care Agency on 1300 550 450 from your land line. Assessments are undertaken by regional assessment agencies, which also arrange for the services to be provided.

How much does this service cost?

The cost of the program will be advised at the time of your assessment. Any concerns about the fees can be discussed with the assessment agency, there may be a small co-payment.