Home Care Package Level 1-2

What is a Home Care Package Level 1-2

It is a planned and coordinated package of care specifically designed to help the person remain living in their own home.

It is funded by the Australian Government to provide for the complex needs of older people. Care packages have the flexibility to meet changing needs as they occur, up to the limit of funding.

Referrals for this service can come from the individual, a family member, an acquaintance or the Doctor.

How will the service help you?

  • The option for people to remain at home with support
  • Support for the person to maintain control over their life
  • Support for carer/s of the older person who wishes to remain at home

What does it cost?

In the case of a funded package, the maximum cost to most people is 17.5% of the pension, as set by the Commonwealth Government. For those with additional or private income an additional income tested amount may also apply.
Further information is obtainable from Department of Social Services at www.dss.gov.au (available in a new window).
For a private agreement a fee will be negotiated before commencement of service.
The fee structure is set by the Commonwealth Government.